Smelly air conditioning? With AIRTUNE give your customers fresh air!

Spring is just around the corner and the first rays of sunshine are already making for radiant faces. But as soon as the ventilation is switched on, does an unpleasant smell escape?

Every air conditioner develops bacteria and spores over time without care and maintenance. This stinks in the truest sense of the word and worse: it makes you sick! Therefore, every customer should be informed and educated about the relevance of a climate infection, even if it does not stink yet.


Odour removal in smoker cars

Innovative micro-technology and natural ingredients provide a great effect without any health side-effects for humans and animals.


Tips and tricks: AIRTUNE application

A pleasant smell, a fresh breeze and the full effect against mold, spores and bacteria in the air conditioning: AIRTUNE stands for a hygienic cleaning of your motor vehicle.