Odour removal in smoker cars

Innovative micro-technology and natural ingredients provide a great effect without any health side-effects for humans and animals.

Bad odours can have many causes. What they all have in common is that they are molecules that respond to receptors in the human nose. In particular, the smell in a smoker’s car is extremely unpleasant and particularly difficult to remove permanently. AIRTUNE combats these odours directly at the molecular base and thus ensures a lasting effect.

Manual interior cleaning with the new AIRTUNE interior cleaner

At the beginning of each odour removal, a manual interior cleaning is essential. Especially in textiles, odour molecules attach themselves and spread their unpleasant fragrances from there. When cleaning the interior, it is therefore necessary to clean all fabrics such as upholstery, carpets, vehicle roof and door panels thoroughly wetting them. This works best with the new AIRTUNE interior cleaner. In contrast to conventional textile cleaners, this eliminates the unpleasant odour molecules directly at the source. The AIRTUNE interior cleaner does not foam up and dries out extremely quickly. This causes an enormous time saving. „Before I tried the new AIRTUNE interior cleaner, I had to let the vehicle dry overnight to see if all the stains were really removed. Due to the extremely good effect and the rapid drying out, I can now see directly in which areas there is still work to be done, „confirms Anja Wenzel from the Car Care & Performance Car Care Center in Siegen (www.cp-siegen.de). After a short exposure time, it is sufficient to vacuum the treated textiles with a conventional wet / dry vacuum cleaner to pull the last odour molecules out of the fabric. In addition to the textiles, all plastic surfaces and windows still need to be cleaned, because here, too, odour particles settle.


Unpleasant smells settle especially deep in textiles. The extraction with the aid of a commercially available wet / dry vacuum cleaner is preferred because the treatment by means of spray extraction can flush the odour particles even deeper into the textiles. Also, be sure to pull out all the straps completely and clean them.

Odour removal with AIRTUNE FRESH

After manual interior cleaning, a treatment with AIRTUNE FRESH is necessary. After all, odour molecules also settle in the ventilation system and in the vehicle’s air conditioning system. Due to this, the unpleasant odours return to the interior after a short time and the mechanical cleaning seems to have been unsuccessful. How easy the AIRTUNE application is here: 1) Unpack the device 2) Place it in the application 3) Add 100 ml of AIRTUNE FRESH 4) Connect to the power supply 5) Switch on at the back of the device. The device works automatically from now on (please always observe the operating instructions when using). When finished, the LED will flash and a beep will sound. Ventilate the vehicle well for about 5 minutes after use and you’re done. Another great advantage is that not only the ventilation and air conditioning, but also the entire interior is again freed of odours. Because with the help of hot nebulisation, the odour-removing active ingredients reach wherever the smoke and smelly particles have hidden.


„By using AIRTUNE we have been able to greatly improve our performance. This is particularly evident in the fact that the rate of satisfied customers after odour removal with AIRTUNE is 100%“, emphasises Anja Wenzel.