AIRTUNE offers innovative solutions for neutralising unpleasant odours!

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No matter whether urine smell, animal smell, cold cigarette smoke or rotten food. Unpleasant odours have the same negative effects in a wide variety of situations and environments.

With AIRTUNE there is an efficient and effective solution. AIRTUNE lastingly and effectively removes unpleasant odours. By eliminating the source of the odour you can now enjoy hygienically clean and fresh air.

Secure a professional odour removal at one of our service partners now or do it yourself with our XPRESS products! For every area of application you will find the right solution with us!

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Do you offer services in the field of commercial vehicles or you do have to manage your own fleet? Do you sell motorhomes or offer them for hire? Are you  working in the field of boat refit or would you like to equip your boat club with an innovative solution? Do you manage a public building, hotel, restaurant or offer services for residential interiors?

With AIRTUNE you provide your customers, employees and guests a breath of fresh air. Contact us and learn more about the right products for your area of application. Your customers and guests will thank you!

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What are
bad smells?

Unpleasant odours can have many causes.
Typical examples are odours caused by pets,
rotten foods or cigarette smoke. Common
to all odours is that they are small,
sufficiently volatile molecules that target
receptors in the human nose.

What do bad
odours do?

Bad odours of any origin have a negative impact on
personal well-being and the human organism.
However, if the odours are caused by bacteria,
germs or mold, even headaches, eye irritation
and respiratory and allergic diseases can be promoted.

How does AIRTUNE help
with odour removal?

AIRTUNE neutralises bad odors exactly where they arise
- at the molecular source.
MMT GmbH as the manufacturer of the AIRTUNE products
uses the know-how of many years as a leading company
in the field of medical technology and microsystem
technology for an innovative odor removal.



In the following video we will show you a small example of who we are and what we can offer.


Together for a better smell in restaurants

The „Westerwald-Brauerei“ stands for craft-brewed and high-quality beer specialties. Just like the Westerwald-Brauerei, caterers like you, with whom Hachenburger works, have high standards – in all areas. Even the „quiet little place“ should therefore always be clean and well-kept. One Hachenburger restaurateur has been cooperating with the Siegen-based company AIRTUNE for a good six months […]


A pleasant smell, a fresh breeze as well as the full effect against enveloped viruses, bacteria, mould & Co.: AIRTUNE stands for healthy indoor air! Indoor pollutants put a strain on the human organism and massively reduce the quality of life. Directly they irritate the respiratory tract and eyes. Indirectly they leads to headaches, allergies […]

Effective indoor disinfection with AIRTUNE – so that you always breathe fresh air!

We are all in a sensitive situation that has never existed before. All efforts to contain the corona virus must be supported correctly and without restriction. Because the multitude of measures, from very small to very large, will add up to a powerful wave. And in the end we will win. AIRTUNE makes its contribution […]

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