Smelly air conditioning? With AIRTUNE give your customers fresh air!

Spring is just around the corner and the first rays of sunshine are already making for radiant faces. But as soon as the ventilation is switched on, does an unpleasant smell escape?

Every air conditioner develops bacteria and spores over time without care and maintenance. This stinks in the truest sense of the word and worse: it makes you sick! Therefore, every customer should be informed and educated about the relevance of a climate infection, even if it does not stink yet.

In hot weather, everyone is happy when their vehicle has air conditioning. The air conditioning not only provides a fresh breeze, but also for a pleasant indoor climate. But without regular disinfection, the air conditioner can quickly become a bacteria spreader and thus responsible for an unhealthy indoor climate.


Why does the air conditioning smell?

The main causes of smelly air conditioning are bacteria, fungi, germs and mould. The reason for such a load in the air conditioning is a humid climate, which is caused by accumulated condensation. Most condensed water forms technologically conditioned on the evaporator. Here is thus the hotbed for these microorganisms make out.


How can the stench be combated?

Disinfecting the affected area is necessary to eliminate the sources of odour. Air conditioning disinfection with AIRTUNE is extremely simple and uncomplicated, but at the same time demonstrably extremely efficient. The generated mist creeps into every crack, all cavities and naturally also reaches the evaporator far away in the system. It is important to remove the interior filter before each use, if it participates in the system. This ensures that an unimpeded circulation of the generated mist over the ventilation system is made possible to the evaporator. Air conditioning disinfection can then be carried out quite simply according to the following schedule: 1) Unpack the AIRTUNE CM1 2) for application (steam outlet opening of the device in the direction of the air intake of the air conditioning system) 3) Fill AIRTUNE fluid 4) Connect AIRTUNE CM1 to the mains 5) switch on the rear of the device – the device now works automatically 6) after completion, the LED flashes and a signal tone sounds 7) After using the vehicle, aerate well for about 5 minutes and you’re done. For notchback vehicles, the fog even penetrates the trunk. After each use a new filter should be used.



The special feature of the AIRTUNE technology is the high degree of efficiency of the hot fogging. This makes it possible to nebulise the fluid with the special combination of active ingredients so finely that the resulting micro droplets are sufficiently small and light, so that they float in the air. The effectiveness has been proven by scientific investigations of the Institute of Biochemistry and Steinbeiss Transfer Center at the University of Mannheim.



Useful is an annual air conditioning disinfection, which is also recommended by specialists. This can be done at any time, regardless of the air conditioning service. Annual preventive disinfection is absolutely recommended. Thus, you get fit for the warm season and can breathe easy!