Tips and tricks: AIRTUNE application

A pleasant smell, a fresh breeze and the full effect against mold, spores and bacteria in the air conditioning: AIRTUNE stands for a hygienic cleaning of your motor vehicle.

Pollutants and odours in the interiors of vehicles have an extreme impact on the human organism. They can lead directly to irritation of the respiratory system and eyes. Indirectly, allergies and limited performance can result. With AIRTUNE you ensure a hygienic cleaning of the air conditioning system and the entire interior of a motor vehicle.


How do you set the ventilation correctly?

To achieve the best possible effect, switch off the temperature-controlled air conditioning or automatic climate control (A / C) and program the ventilation to a temperature of 18 ° C with manual circulating air. Manual ventilation systems also rely on recirculating air at medium temperature. With AIRTUNE then verifiably cleans the entire ventilation ducts and the evaporator of the vehicle air conditioning system.

Why is no steam coming through the ventilation?

In modern vehicles different types and a varying number of cabin filters are used. Some of these filters can prevent AIRTUNE vapor from entering the ventilation system of the air conditioner. For this reason, any cabin filters should be removed before use.


Moisture settles on the doormat?

In some cases, there may be a slight amount of detergent on the doormat. This results from the design of the footwell and the distance of the AIRTUNE device to the slope of the footwell. The resulting moisture wreath can be easily removed – without further residues – with the help of a damp cloth. For direct avoidance, the manufacturer recommends laying out the area of ​​the footwell in front of the nozzle of the device with a cloth or workshop paper.

Can the effect be intensified?

An application takes about 20 minutes. Then ventilate the vehicle well for about 5 minutes. To intensify the effect of the agent, you can increase the life between application and ventilation. Because: The longer the exposure time of the AIRTUNE steam, the more intense the effect.


Does the engine of the vehicle have to be switched on?

Normally it is sufficient to switch on the ignition of the vehicle without the engine running. In modern vehicles, however, it is often the case that the entire on-board electronics are automatically put into stand-by mode after about 5 minutes. This interrupts the circulating air and prevents the passage of the AIRTUNE vapor through the ventilation duct of the air conditioning system. To ensure trouble-free operation and to avoid discharging the vehicle’s battery, the manufacturer recommends that the vehicle’s engine be switched on and run throughout the application.