Together for a better smell in restaurants

The „Westerwald-Brauerei“ stands for craft-brewed and high-quality beer specialties. Just like the Westerwald-Brauerei, caterers like you, with whom Hachenburger works, have high standards – in all areas. Even the „quiet little place“ should therefore always be clean and well-kept. One Hachenburger restaurateur has been cooperating with the Siegen-based company AIRTUNE for a good six months in order to always be able to offer the highest standards in its sanitary facilities.

(Image source: Westerwald-Brauerei, Hachenburg)

Erzählen Gäste von einem Restaurantbesuch, geht es zuerst um die gute Küche, das leckere frisch gezapfte und ansprechend präsentierte Hachenburger, aber ein Thema wird wohl nur selten angesprochen: die Toiletten. „Doch häufig wird von der Hygiene im Toilettenbereich auch auf die Hygiene im gesamten Betrieb geschlossen“, erklärt Alexander Schlling, Geschäftsführer von AIRTUNE.

With the AIRTUNE RXS, Frank Simon, tenant of the „Stern“, relies on a continuous solution, which, according to the manufacturer, not only covers up the odors in the room, but eliminates them sustainably, unlike other products. „The AIRTUNE RXS incorporates diffusion technology that emits a fine mist at regular intervals, which is then evenly distributed throughout the room,“ explains Alexander Schilling. In addition to the continuous odor elimination provided by this system, the Gasthaus zum Stern also relies on a cleaning additive from AIRTUNE for floor care, which is used on surfaces with strong odors. This highly concentrated agent, AIRTUNE BioClean, can also be used against stubborn odor sources in upholstery and carpets.


A pleasant smell, a fresh breeze as well as the full effect against enveloped viruses, bacteria, mould & Co.: AIRTUNE stands for healthy indoor air!

Indoor pollutants put a strain on the human organism and massively reduce the quality of life. Directly they irritate the respiratory tract and eyes. Indirectly they leads to headaches, allergies or limited performance. In the worst case, infectious diseases are transmitted.

AIRTUNE fights pollutants such as bacteria, enveloped viruses and moulds, effectively and for a long-lasting time. The solution is the innovative technology of hot nebulization, which combats potential dangerous persons twice: by biological ingredient and application temperature. The disinfectant effect of AIRTUNE reaches the most hidden corner and thus ensures a certain sense of well-being. With little effort you can achieve a big impact.

The effectiveness of disinfection against bacteria and mould has been confirmed by the internationally renowned Institute for Biochemistry at the University of Mannheim. In the experiments with AIRTUNE, both a strong reduction in germs and an inhibitory effect on the growth of germs were demonstrated. This has been demonstrated in particular for bacteria, but also to a remarkable extent for mould, which is responsible for a considerable health burden.

The effectiveness against enveloped viruses such as the corona virus was tested according to DIN EN 17272. The fine distribution of the fluid combined with the effectiveness against enveloped viruses, bacteria, germs and mould makes AIRTUNE the perfect solution for effective and sustainable indoor disinfection.

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We are looking forward to work with you contributing the containment of the corona virus and look forward to hearing from you!


Use biocidal products carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

Effective indoor disinfection with AIRTUNE – so that you always breathe fresh air!

We are all in a sensitive situation that has never existed before. All efforts to contain the corona virus must be supported correctly and without restriction. Because the multitude of measures, from very small to very large, will add up to a powerful wave. And in the end we will win.

AIRTUNE makes its contribution in particular through its process of hot nebulization, which combats potential dangerous persons twice: by means of a biological active ingredient and by application temperature. The disinfectant effect of AIRTUNE creates security even in the most hidden corners and thus also ensures a certain sense of wellbeing in the head. You can make a big impact with little effort.

Heat fumigation ensures a long range

AIRTUNE works precisely where other products don’t even get to – in the remotest corner of interiors. This is due to the technology – and extremely effective. Because with high-tech from microreaction technology, it is possible to atomize the special fluid with the active ingredient combination so finely that the resulting microdroplets are so small and light that they float in the air. At the same time, the active components of the fluid are retained and are taken up in the microdroplets. The drops themselves are stable as fog.

Technology is unique to AIRTUNE. While conventional applications use ozone or cold nebulization, AIRTUNE works with the principle of hot nebulization. This method has a longer reach and works deeper than conventional ones. AIRTUNE is easy to use, can be used regularly and can be used for any type of interior.

Disinfectant effect confirmed by an independent institute

The effectiveness of a disinfection with AIRTUNE was determined by the internationally renowned institute for biochemistry at the University of Mannheim in a study by Prof. Dr. Let Greiner confirm. The investigations have shown that after hot atomization with AIRTUNE, the new production of microorganisms could be reduced by up to 99.994%! A summary of the report can be found here.

Let your AIRTUNE partner advise you now! A selection of service stations in your area can be found here. You are also welcome to contact us directly.

Note on the corona pandemic: The effectiveness of AIRTUNE has not been tested with regard to its activity against viruses, in particular the SARS-CoV-2. Disinfection of interiors can certainly be beneficial within the framework of current hygiene standards.

Enhanced feel-good factor through innovative odour removal

AIRTUNE offers innovative solutions for odour removal in old people’s and care homes, providing  a pleasant living and working environment.

When trying to select an old people’s or care home, attention will be paid to many aspects. After all, the family members want only the best for dependents in need of care. First impressions really count. In this regard, the issue of odour plays a very important role. It’s because the inevitable odour in old people’s and care homes will immediately be noticed on the first visit. Bad smells will be taken as a strong indication of hygiene and cleanliness problems. However, even if the care being given is excellent, inevitable odours will still occur. For this reason, it is important to combat the bad smells directly and sustainably. This will ensure a good impression as well as a pleasant living and working environment.

Eliminate odours instead of just masking them

To ensure such a fresh environment, in which residents and staff feel good, it is essential not only to cover the odours  but to eliminate them. To be fully effective, masking is not enough. In response, AIRTUNE offers various solutions for acute, regular and continuous odour removal. All AIRTUNE products destroy the molecular structure of the odours and so bad smells are eliminated.

Holistic application system

To remove nasty smells completely and continuously,  a thorough cleaning of surfaces is necessary. On its own, that is not enough and the air too needs to be cleaned. To solve this, AIRTUNE offers a holistic application approach: Beside solutions for continuous odour removal in the air, there is a range of cleaning products as well as products for acute odour removal. The so-called XPRESS Range includes all products that are necessary to clean indoors.  This range encompasses a stain remover and upholstery cleaner for fabrics; a glass cleaner for all glass surfaces and a universal cleaner for all other surfaces. In addition, the XPRESS range includes a hand held spray for direct and acute odour removal. Moreover, AIRTUNE contains an antibacterial function, which is vapourised into tiny droplets. These reach  areas  unreachable by mechanical cleaning. “It is important to us that our products not only remove obvious, but also unattainable and inconspicuous contaminations and odour sources!” Alexander Schilling, CEO of AIRTUNE, explains, “A holistic and particularly effective cleaning system is very important, especially for  old people’s and care homes!”

Altenpflege trade fair, April 02-04 2019

Visit our booth at Altenpflege 2019, the leading trade fair for the care sector.

-> April 02nd to 04th 2019, Nuremberg fair grounds, Hall 9, booth D84

Classic care topics and brand-new innovations –  ALTENPFLEGE covers the entire segment of modern care. Experience an incomparable variety of products from all areas of the industry and inform yourself with proven experts about the individual application possibilities. ->

This year AIRTUNE will participate with innovative solutions for nursing homes for the first time . Visit our booth and get to know the whole world of odour removal with AIRTUNE! We are looking forward to your visit!

HOGA 2019 – January 13th to 15th

Visit AIRTUNE at the HOGA 2019!

-> January 13 to 15, booth C28 in hall 3A of Messe Nürnberg!

The HOGA, trade fair for the hotel, catering and communal catering industry is one of the most important German trade fairs in the hospitality industry. At this point, AIRTUNE with its innovative odour removal solutions from the AIRTUNE ROOM division should not be missed. Whether continuous odor removal or a short-term solution for the acute application. Our products provide fresh air into all public areas, single rooms, sanitary facilities or where else odour removal needed. With AIRTUNE you will offer your guests an effective and long-lasting freshness! And the best of all: In contrast to commercially available fragrance sprays, the unpleasant odours will not be covered but permanently eliminated.

Visit us and learn more about the whole world of odour removal technologies for hotels and catering establishments. We look forward to your visit!

ARENA SUMMIT – 20th to 21st November 2018

AIRTUNE will participate at the ARENA SUMMIT on 20th and 21st of November in the Commerzbank-Arena, Frankfurt!

After first successful projects for innovative odour removal in football and ice hockey stadiums, we are now presenting our solutions and products at this year’s Arena Summit in Frankfurt. The congress offers a high-quality program in the areas of management, infrastructure, entertainment and marketing around stadiums and arenas. In addition, there are numerous opportunities for you to lern more about our innovative solutions on site.

„The combination of content, showroom and networking make the ARENA SUMMIT 2018 an extraordinary event that provides visitors with completely new impressions and gives valuable impulses for their own projects. Whether club, operator, event expert or as a company in the industry – be there and save your place at the meeting point of the stadiums and arenas. „->

Visit our booth #25 and lern to know the whole world of odour removal for stadiums and arenas. We look forward to see you there!

AIRTUNE becomes world champion!

Russian stadiums will be equipped with AIRTUNE technology!

The 2018 world football championship in Russia will take place with AIRTUNE products as a permanent part in the stadiums. The majority of stadiums used at the tournament will be equipped with products from the new AIRTUNE ROOM division.


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