AIRTUNE becomes world champion!

Russian stadiums will be equipped with AIRTUNE technology!

The 2018 world football championship in Russia will take place with AIRTUNE products as a permanent part in the stadiums. The majority of stadiums used at the tournament will be equipped with products from the new AIRTUNE ROOM division.

Public toilets and dressing rooms are prime examples of interiors exposed to heavy odours. To counteract this unpleasant experience, the operators of 7 of the 12 stadiums used at the world championship will now rely on the innovative odour elimination system AIRTUNE from MMT GmbH, a subsidiary of Plan Optik AG.

The stadiums will be equipped with products from the new AIRTUNE ROOM division. This is a system for continuous odour removal in residential and interior spaces. The so-called AIRTUNE RXS device optimally doses the active ingredients of a special odour removal gel into the room air. There, the odour molecules floating in the air will be decomposed and eliminate unpleasant smells directly at the source.

The equipping of the stadiums with the new AIRTUNE system will be carried out in cooperation with the Russian partner Euronomer, an expert in hotel and catering equipment. „The 2018 tournament is a great opportunity to introduce our products to the Russian market,“ says managing director Alexander Schilling. „At AIRTUNE, we look forward to working with our new Russian partner on this and many other projects in the future.“

Further information about AIRTUNE RXS can be found here: