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Enhanced feel-good factor through innovative odour removal

AIRTUNE offers innovative solutions for odour removal in old people’s and care homes, providing  a pleasant living and working environment.

When trying to select an old people’s or care home, attention will be paid to many aspects. After all, the family members want only the best for dependents in need of care. First impressions really count. In this regard, the issue of odour plays a very important role. It’s because the inevitable odour in old people’s and care homes will immediately be noticed on the first visit. Bad smells will be taken as a strong indication of hygiene and cleanliness problems. However, even if the care being given is excellent, inevitable odours will still occur. For this reason, it is important to combat the bad smells directly and sustainably. This will ensure a good impression as well as a pleasant living and working environment.

Eliminate odours instead of just masking them

To ensure such a fresh environment, in which residents and staff feel good, it is essential not only to cover the odours  but to eliminate them. To be fully effective, masking is not enough. In response, AIRTUNE offers various solutions for acute, regular and continuous odour removal. All AIRTUNE products destroy the molecular structure of the odours and so bad smells are eliminated.

Holistic application system

To remove nasty smells completely and continuously,  a thorough cleaning of surfaces is necessary. On its own, that is not enough and the air too needs to be cleaned. To solve this, AIRTUNE offers a holistic application approach: Beside solutions for continuous odour removal in the air, there is a range of cleaning products as well as products for acute odour removal. The so-called XPRESS Range includes all products that are necessary to clean indoors.  This range encompasses a stain remover and upholstery cleaner for fabrics; a glass cleaner for all glass surfaces and a universal cleaner for all other surfaces. In addition, the XPRESS range includes a hand held spray for direct and acute odour removal. Moreover, AIRTUNE contains an antibacterial function, which is vapourised into tiny droplets. These reach  areas  unreachable by mechanical cleaning. “It is important to us that our products not only remove obvious, but also unattainable and inconspicuous contaminations and odour sources!” Alexander Schilling, CEO of AIRTUNE, explains, “A holistic and particularly effective cleaning system is very important, especially for  old people’s and care homes!”

Altenpflege trade fair, April 02-04 2019

Visit our booth at Altenpflege 2019, the leading trade fair for the care sector.

-> April 02nd to 04th 2019, Nuremberg fair grounds, Hall 9, booth D84

Classic care topics and brand-new innovations –  ALTENPFLEGE covers the entire segment of modern care. Experience an incomparable variety of products from all areas of the industry and inform yourself with proven experts about the individual application possibilities. ->

This year AIRTUNE will participate with innovative solutions for nursing homes for the first time . Visit our booth and get to know the whole world of odour removal with AIRTUNE! We are looking forward to your visit!