Together for a better smell in restaurants

The „Westerwald-Brauerei“ stands for craft-brewed and high-quality beer specialties. Just like the Westerwald-Brauerei, caterers like you, with whom Hachenburger works, have high standards – in all areas. Even the „quiet little place“ should therefore always be clean and well-kept. One Hachenburger restaurateur has been cooperating with the Siegen-based company AIRTUNE for a good six months in order to always be able to offer the highest standards in its sanitary facilities.

(Image source: Westerwald-Brauerei, Hachenburg)

Erzählen Gäste von einem Restaurantbesuch, geht es zuerst um die gute Küche, das leckere frisch gezapfte und ansprechend präsentierte Hachenburger, aber ein Thema wird wohl nur selten angesprochen: die Toiletten. „Doch häufig wird von der Hygiene im Toilettenbereich auch auf die Hygiene im gesamten Betrieb geschlossen“, erklärt Alexander Schlling, Geschäftsführer von AIRTUNE.

With the AIRTUNE RXS, Frank Simon, tenant of the „Stern“, relies on a continuous solution, which, according to the manufacturer, not only covers up the odors in the room, but eliminates them sustainably, unlike other products. „The AIRTUNE RXS incorporates diffusion technology that emits a fine mist at regular intervals, which is then evenly distributed throughout the room,“ explains Alexander Schilling. In addition to the continuous odor elimination provided by this system, the Gasthaus zum Stern also relies on a cleaning additive from AIRTUNE for floor care, which is used on surfaces with strong odors. This highly concentrated agent, AIRTUNE BioClean, can also be used against stubborn odor sources in upholstery and carpets.