Freshness in the motorhome: AIRTUNE added to MOVERA range

Siegen. Freshness for motorhomes, caravans and camping: Movera GmbH (Bad Waldsee), an ERWIN HYMER GROUP company, is now selling AIRTUNE products. Movera is the successful wholesale company around the topic of leisure. A focus is on accessories and equipment for motorhomes and caravans, where the parent company Hymer is considered a technology leader thanks to numerous innovations.

After positive product testing Movera gladly included AIRTUNE in the range. While the AIRTUNE XPRESS products are available to end consumers in specialist shops as well as in the Internet shop, product advice for the hot air misting unit is provided through trained specialist sales to dealers, workshops and landlords. „AIRTUNE’s products and solutions are excellently suited to the leisure industry, because motorhomes and caravans, especially when used by several and changing people, have to meet very high freshness and cleanliness requirements,“ emphasizes AIRTUNE Managing Director Alexander Schilling. Therefore, we are particularly pleased to have found with Movera an outstanding partner of the leisure industry.

About Movera GmbH: Movera GmbH is a leading wholesaler of mobile travel accessories in Germany. As a company of the ERWIN HYMER GROUP, since 1998 customers have been offered a comprehensive range of motorhomes, caravans and camping products. The catalog contains more than 10,000 products and will be distributed throughout Europe in an edition of around 400,000 copies. Specialist dealers are comprehensively supported by Movera. This ranges from product training to shop design to spare parts service.